• 714 Armandale St


  • Built in 1892 and restored with skill by our amazing craftsmen.                                                                                                                                                                                                      




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If you were to travel in time to 1892, you would find Pittsburgh thriving. Steel was creating good jobs and homes were being built that reflected the optimism and opulence of the era. You would, had you ventured to the north side, and walked to 714 Armandale St, seen the same brick you see today being laid. It looks a little different then modern brick homes; back then the brick was hand made to a different size then today. Masons used butter joints, meaning much less mortar between the bricks, creating a very different asthetic. 


We kept the original brick, curved lintels, oversize front door and transom. Please venture inside the home and you will see original fireplaces, mantels and oversize window openings upgraded with curved Anderson windows. Period specific lighting fixtures hang from the 12'' ceilings. Modern luxuries including a huge walk in shower, large kitchen with double oven and heated master bath floors.


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